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About FTS

Fast Track Staffing Inc. (FTS) provides Human Resources (HR) consulting services with a focus on completing efficient, accurate and high quality HR processes. FTS was established to improve the traditionally lengthy staffing processes within the Public Service. FTS’ core value proposition is an 8 week turnaround on the execution of staffing processes from the close of poster through the completion of reference checks.

FTS has a dedicated, diligent and bilingual team comprised of experts in recruitment, classification, HR and government staffing processes. Our team focuses on delivering tailored end-to-end services to meet your specific requirements.

We provide the necessary support and materials through the execution of all phases of the staffing process. See our services page for more details.

As a result of the varied and complementary expertise on the team, FTS is able to produce efficient, accurate, consistent and transparent results for its clients.

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FTS is environmentally considerate throughout each step of the process by completing resume screening, exam marking and reference checks all digitally.

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