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Priority Placement

FTP Priority Placement

The Deficit Reduction Plan has fundamentally shifted the way that staffing will be completed in the Federal Government over the next two years, as the Work Force Adjustment requirements result in an unprecedented number of candidates that require priority placement.

Our team can assist in managing difficult Work Force Adjustment initiatives as well as completing staffing requirements in the resulting environment, and navigating the rules and processes required to find the best candidates quickly.

Understanding the current environment and managing within the new processes is our specialty.

Priority Placement

Work Force Adjustment

For cases when departments have a vacancy to staff, surplus employees are entitled to be appointed in priority and must be addressed prior to running a regular staffing process. With widespread cuts in the government – staffing processes will in some cases be run only among Priority candidates, each of whom are entitled to up to two years of training to fill the position.

We have the expertise to assess surplus priorities, including the training requirements, and can fill your vacancy quickly while ensuring the requirements as defined in the Work Force Adjustment Directive are met.

For the cases when departments are reducing a work unit instead of eliminating it altogether, determining which employees will be declared surplus can be difficult. Doing so in a fair and transparent manner with a defined set of decision making criteria is vital.

We run internal retention evaluations to help make difficult decisions equitable and transparent.

We recognize that you need to continue delivering services and need a functioning team to do it. We have the knowledge and resources to complete your requirements quickly, effectively, and in a transparent manner.

Please contact us for more information.

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